Stories & Articles


“Night Sail.” The Pinehurst Journal, summer, 1992
“A Winter Scene.” Silence of The Loons anthology , fall, 2005
“A Fish Story.” Resort To Murder anthology, fall, 2007
“Fire Storm.” The Heat of the Moment California fund-raising anthology, fall, 2007
“Hard Cheese.” Echelon Press, 2010
“A Winter’s Tale.” Echelon Press, 2010
“Daddy’s Little Girl.” Amazon Kindle, 2010
“The Day I Lost My Innocence.” Amazon Kindle, 2010


“Smallest in the Land”
Non-fiction. The story of Fargo-Moorhead’s (North Dakota & Minesota) creation of a non-tax-supported educational/public television station.
The International Journal of Radio and Television, June, 1966.

“Author! Author!”
Advice for authors appearing on radio and television.
Women Writing The West magazine, April, 2000.

“Dining on The Road”
 magazine, September, 2006.

“Giving Good Interview”
CrimeSpree magazine, 2007.

Mystery reviews, Saint Paul Pioneer Press, August, 1999-May, 2002
Mystery reviews, Mystery Scene Magazine, Fall, 2002-2004
Mystery reviews, ReviewingTheEvidence web site, 2002-2006
Mystery reviews, Books n’ Bytes website, 1998 to the present
Mystery reviews, Mystery Morgue website, 2006-2008

“From Inner Passages: From Desert to Ocean”
Mystery Readers Journal, Spring, 2002.

“Writing Lies for Fun and Glory but Very Little Money”
How I Got Published, Writer’s Digest Books, Fall, 2007.


A Life In Your Hands
Writer/Producer/Host. A 13 week television series on safety on the road.
For the Minnesota Highway Department, 1959.

Producer/Occasional Host. A weekly half hour interview series with visiting celebrities and local officials. For KFME, Fargo, North Dakota, 1963-1965.

Minnesota Crime Wave Presents
Producer/Co-Host. A weekly half-hour of author interviews, and book and publishing discussions. A cable TV series, Minnesota, 2008-2010.