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[cover]Whether he's tracking down a blue Audi at the scene of the bombing or cozying up to elderly Blanche Essen, another guest of Sheltering Limbs, Sean has a pleasantly unassuming manner that sets him miles apart from Philip Marlowe and Lew Archer.
-Kirkus Reviews

Brookins engages the reader in this whodunit while keeping us entertained and mystified as to how this interesting plot will play out. A big thumbs up!
-Midwest Book Review

Brookins' light-hearted look at Midwestern crime features a lovable but technology-challenged detective with a penchant for red gym shoes and pulp fiction lingo. Sean loves guns, women, and alcohol, and treats all three with equal respect.
-Mary Welk at Reviewing the Evidence



[cover]I really like your latest book. I hope to read about Jack and Lori again and again. Thanks.
-Elaine Rasmussen, Murder By The Book

This is the first in a new series—and it is excellent! Brookins has worked at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota on the faculty and also as a counselor. His experiences have made this work very realistic and fun to read. He really brings the faculty and staff to life. I will certainly look for the new books in this series.
-Kathy Perschmann, Armchair Interviews

Carl Brookins' Bloody Halls (Echelon Press) is a delightful mystery set among the faculty at a Minneapolis college. A fun read, especially for those of us who do not remember our college years with unalloyed joy.
-Betty Webb, Mystery Scene Magazine

The first book of a projected series. It will appeal to those who like mysteries in academic settings, and is unusual in that it is not overly cozy.
-Maddy Van Hertbruggen, I Love A Mystery, Reviewing the Evidence



[cover]Carl Brookins provides a fresh new slant to the genre of hardboiled PIs, as Sean NMI Sean reminds us that dynamite comes in small packages. Great plotting, interesting characters, and excellent pacing make The Case of the Greedy Lawyers a real winner that you won't be able to put down.
-Michael A. Black, author of A Killing Frost, Windy City Knights, and The Heist

The Case of the Greedy Lawyers is a sly tribute to the P. I. genre. Its protagonist, Sean Sean, fulfils all the requirements—he's a wisecracking solo practitioner with fast feet and a quick wit. He keeps his guns clean and his Lady satisfied. By the time he deciphers the who-dunnit, it's clear he's accurate when he insists, "I'm good." To which I have to add that author Carl Brookins is very good.
-Michael Allen Dymmoch, author of The Fall and the Thinnes/Caleb mysteries

Sean "NMI" Sean. Don't let his red Keds fool you. He's a kick-butt PI with a big heart and a bigger gun. Oh, and he's good. Very good. You don't want to miss him. A fast fun read!
-Robin Burcell, author of Cold Case



[book cover]The author's sense of place is excellent. I felt I was there and can still feel the experience in my memory... a very entertaining read.
-Karen Dyer (on DorothyL)

A suspenseful tale of the loss of love, murder, feelings of guilt and redemption. Wonderfully written with a powerful ending.
-Christopher B. Jonnes, author of Wake Up Dead

Inner Passages is an absorbing thriller. Mr. Brookins deserves a large audience for a fast-paced novel starring a broken hero.
-Harriet Klausner,

Inner Passages delivers a well written, satisfying story with unrelenting tension.
-Nancy Mehl, Charlotte Austin Review

Brookins describes the rigors of sailing exceedingly well. There are some beautiful descriptive passages. The book comes to a satisfyingly realistic conclusion. A fine first effort which I recommend.
-Maddy Van Hertbruggen,

The last part of the book was truly white-knuckle time for me and I was impressed with how the author found a solution for the peril.
-Clara Gamadge, a.k.a. Sally Fellows

Brookins has found the range... a tight story and a wonderful sense of place. Batten down for a force eight chase rife with northwest cedar air, cold salt spray, and the chilling rumble of diesels through the fog. You'll feel this one.
-Richard Barre, author of Blackheart Highway

A wonderful job of recreating the atmosphere, the feel of being in and on the water.
-Dianne Day, author of the Fremont Jones series

Brookins' first book is a success. I liked the story, and think most mystery readers and all lovers of sailing and the sea will too. Watch for more from Carl Brookins.



[book cover]A Superior Mystery is a well written yarn containing some of the finer things one would associate with a mystery: deep water; storms; car crashes; sailing; and wealth. Michael Tanner and his wife Mary are interesting and wealthy characters who lead a life not unlike the Harts from Hart to Hart. They bring in just enough glamour to entice the reader. Add the mystery of sailing, and all sorts of fun near-misses jump out of this plot... Carl Brookins knows his sailing, and he also is keenly aware of how to engage the reader. His knowledge of public relations and industry is also central to the flow of the plot, and he handles these things assiduously. A Superior Mystery contains more than just a simple murder... this tale goes back in history and uses the past to make sense of the present. A delightful read.
-Shelley Glodowski, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

The second Tanner ecological mystery is a superb who-done-it starring a delightfully reluctant hero. The story line is straightforward in terms of the modern day shenanigans though the use of flashbacks interspersed throughout the novel brings 1890s Wisconsin to life inside a murder subplot. Carl Brookins does not beat around the bush as he targets a college graduate save the environment audience with this well written, picturesque novel that lucidity uses a murder theme to render a strong ecological message.
-Harriet Klausner, Books 'n Bytes

In this second installment of Michael and Mary’s adventures we once again are treated to not only a good old fashioned murder mystery but also to a wonderful time sailing around Lake Superior. With his talent for combining mystery, mayhem, and great character development with scenic descriptions that make you long to take up sailing, Brookins is definitely a must read author.
-Kathy Thomason, Murder and Mayhem Bookclub

A Superior Mystery is a strong mystery novel developed around the logging industry of Northern Wisconsin. It touches on environmental issues and Native American concerns about exhaustion of our natural resources. The author obviously is not afraid to dive into controversial waters. (Four stars)
-Alicia Karen Elkins, Gotta Write Network



[cover]This is a book that had one of the must unusual plots I've ever encountered, with lots of twists and turns to keep it interesting and to keep me reading happily along. The bad guys are frighteningly efficient and suitably callous. The book is extremely well written with excellent descriptions, and obvious first hand knowledge of sailing, while the characters are beautifully portrayed. RECOMMENDED.
-Eden Embler, I Love A Mystery newsletter

The lure of sunken treasure, the treachery of secret societies and the greed of corrupt families. If you crave excitement, adventure and a murder or two, get on the boat with Carl Brookins. Old Silver takes you places you never thought you'd go!
-Don Bruns, author of Jamaica Blue and Barbados Heat

In Old Silver, Carl Brookins deftly mixes mystery, dark history, and political intrigue with shipwrecks, wild storms, sailing and scuba diving. His charming and feisty sleuths—Michael Tanner and Mary Whitney—follow in the tradition of Nick and Nora Charles.
-Mary Logue, author of Bone Harvest

There's nothing tarnished about Old Silver. Dark secrets raised from the deep and masterful sailing scenes sweep this suspenseful yarn along faster than an Alberta Clipper. Another superior mystery from Carl Brookins. Don't miss it!
-William Kent Krueger, author of Mercy Falls


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