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Once Upon a Crime


I co-host, with Ellen Hart and William Kent Krueger, a regular television series in the Twin Cities. The programs are called MINNESOTA CRIME WAVE PRESENTS. The listed topics are links to the segments.

Episode #1
1.1—introduction of Crime Wave authors/hosts
1.2—guest: author Pete Hautman
1.3—general discussion of the craft of writing crime fiction

Episode #2
2.1—description of host authors' writings
2.2—guest: author Mary Logue
2.3—The Maltese Falcon, discussion

Episode #3
3.2—guest: author Lorna Landvik
3.3—Denis Lehane & Gone Baby Gone, discussion

Episode #4
4.1—anthologies Silence of the Loons & Resort to Murder
4.2—guest: Loft director Jocelyn Hale
4.3—Bloody Halls, discussion

Episode #5
5.1—topic is The Postman Always Rings Twice
5.2—guest: author Robert Alexander
5.3—Thunder Bay, discussion

Episode #6
6.1—15 significant mystery authors or books
6.2—guest: bookstore owner Gary Schulze
6.3—Mystery conventions & conferences, discussion

Episode #7
7.1—mystery fiction settings
7.2—guest: author David Housewright
7.3—The Mortal Groove, discussion

Episode #8
8.1—Libraries in today’s society
8.2—guest: Stu Wilson, St. Paul Friends of the Library and chair, Minnesota Book Awards
8.3—Mystery plots, a discussion

Episode #9
9.1—Books on Writing
9.2—guest: Minneapolis author M.D. Lake
9.3—Character development, part 1

Episode #10
10.1—Crime Fiction book titles
10.2—guest: Marilyn Victor, president Twin Cities Sisters in Crime
10.3—Character development, part 2

Episode #11
11.1—Small town settings
11.2—guest author Jess Lourey
11.3—Humor in Mysteries

Episode #12
12.1—Reviews and reviewers
12.2—Mary Ann Grossmann, Saint Paul Pioneer-Press book reviewer
12.3—Mystery publications

Episode #13
13.1—Thrillers & Mysteries
13.2—author Libby Fischer Hellmann
13.3—Favorite thrillers

Episode #14
14.2—author Michael Allen Dymmoch
14.3—Research sources for the beginning writer

Episode #15
15.1—genre & sub-genre labels
15.2—author Julie Kramer
15.3—film & TV programs

Episode #16
16.1—define the traditional mystery
16.2—author Monica Ferris
16.3—label meanings, a quiz

Episode #17
17.1—significant mysteries
17.2—Editor Connie Hill
17.3—editing today

Episode #18
18.1—young adult fiction
18.2—author Susan Runholt
18.3—the Crime Wave's favorite young adult books

Episode #19
19.1—humor in mystery fiction
19.2—author Pat Dennis
19.3—more on humorous mysteries

Episode #20
20.1—book covers
20.2—book cover designer John Toren
20.3—personal experiences with book covers

Episode #21
21.1—adaptations of books to movies
21.2—author Libby Hellmann
21.3—writing tips

Episode #22
22.1—A discussion of e-books
22.2—Author Erin Hart
22.3—More with Erin Hart

Episode #23
23.1—Carl, Ellen & Kent discuss their books and the writing process
23.2—Author Brian Freeman
23.3—More with Brian Freeman

Episode #24
24.1—Updates from Carl & Ellen; bookseller Ani Sorenson
24.2—More with Ani Sorenson
24.3—A discussion about independent bookstores

Episode #25
25.1—Carl & Ellen discuss what they've been reading; author Richard Thompson
25.2—More with Richard Thompson
25.3—More with Richard Thompson

Episode #26
26.1—A discussion of international crime fiction; author Cara Black
26.2—More with Cara Black
26.3—More with Cara Black; a discussion of Scandinavian crime fiction and international thrillers

Episode #27
27.1—Adaptations of books to movies; author Judith Guest
27.2—More with Judith Guest
27.3—More with Judith Guest; more about movie adaptations

Episode #28
28.1—Adaptations of crime novels to and from the stage; Park Square Theater Director David Mann
28.2—More with David Mann
28.3—More with David Mann; a discussion of Sherlock Holmes adaptations

Episode #29
29.1—Ellen Hart's Jane Lawless series
29.2—New trends in publishing
29.3—More about new trends in publishing; Kent Krueger's Vermilion Drift

Episode #30
30.1—A discussion about libraries; Friends of the Ramsey County Library Director Sue Gehrz
30.2—More with Sue Gehrz
30.3—More with Sue Gehrz; more about libraries

Episode #31
31.1—A discussion of characters; author Judith Yates Borger
31.2—More with Judith Yates Borger
31.3—More with Judith Yates Borger; a discussion of electronic rights; more on characters


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